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Links Friday – 06.03.08

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Its a little silly that its taken 3 months! before I did this again. I am really sorry! I do really need to find a way to store my links so that I can just post them when I get them.

  • Squeeze The Lime released this little gem of a video about “Herlinde’s Fist Photo Shoot”. Bert Stephani shows what he would normally do when braking in a new model. I found though that the video sort of morphed into this less complicated guide to portrait photo shooting. Just simply showing the user position of lights, reflectors and what lenses to use then after that show the result is just simply inspiring! Thanks Bert! –>Click Here<–

LIME008 – Herlinde’s First Shoot from Lime Photography on Vimeo.

  • Check out Its a great site that shares flickrs concept of free service but can go pro. Of course its only for video. You get a 500MB a week uploading free which video from those small cameras is more than enough. The processing time is a little long (max I have seen is 1 hour) before your video is live but you can remove that waiting time by going pro. Now pro is not the cheapest thing either but you can upload HD video after that so it really depends on what your doing. Regardless if you join or not take a look at some of the videos. You wont be disappointed. –>Click Here<–
  • Last but not least I wanted to reference Victor W. again! If you have not added this guy as a contact you need too do it now… I am waiting… I said do it now!!! Ok joking aside you really need to keep an eye on this pro photographers stream as he is a real inspiration!  His recent master piece I can’t stop looking at either. Fantastic lighting, great subject and very very original!