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My Attempt At Istock

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Following Rob’s lead I thought I would give stock photography a go and sign up to Istock. I thought that since Rob was getting some Fuji S5700 gems into their site that my Canon 450D might just make things that little bit easier.

Unfortunately I got rejected!… I got a quite general email back about 5 days post upload telling me the following:

At this time we regret to inform you that we did not feel the overall composition of your photography or subject matter is at the minimum level of standard for iStockphoto. Please take some time to review training materials, resources and articles provided through iStockphoto. The photographs provided in your application should be your best work. Try and impress us, we want to see how you stand out from the crowd.

Not really what I wanted to hear. I thought at the least they would tell me whats up with the individual photos? I mean thats what Rob gets?

To show you these are the photos I uploaded:

This experience has left me a little lost to what I done wrong if anything at all? So I am going back to basics and relearn everything I have learned. Hopefully then I can get back to the flash stuff I was learning too.

I will admit though that if you consider moving from even a bridge camera to a DSLR you might want to look again over your learning materials. For the Fuji s5700 for example some of the effects and rules are different because its a fixed lens camera. DSLR might not be setting wise all that different but its better to be up to speed.