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New Year, New Photographic Resolutions

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Behind Bars. 9 of 365.So here we are, 2009. It’s a New Year, full of hope and promise. We’re all going to be eating healthier, doing more exercise and cutting down on those bad habbits… but what about our photography?

I got my Fujifilm S5700 / S700 almost a year ago, and the last year has been a good one. I’ve taken loads of shots and I’m happy with my progress – but I know that I’ve a long way to go.

One way I’m going to be trying to improve my photography this year is by making a few New Years Resolutions, and setting some goals too.

1) My first resolution is get get technically better with my photographs. I want to use my tripod more, use sharper apertures and lower ISO’s.

2) I’m determined to shoot at least 1 roll of Film a month – the experience of only having 24 exposures to get it right (and the costs involved) sharpen my concentration and force me to take better photographs. I find shooting film, and the discipline involved, carries over nicely into my digital photography.

3) I’m going to take more photographs of people (strangers), both with and without their permission. Street Photography!

4) Really think about photo assignments and competitions I take part in, rather than just throw in something that “sorta” matches what’s required.

I’ve also got some general goals – to take some great bird photographs, photograph all the Churches in Gosport, organise a local Photowalk with local photographers, look at more great photo-books, shoot a roll of black and white film, and get a sponsor for my podcast at

How about you? What are your Photographic New Years Resolutions for 2009?

Cheers, Rob.