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Photography 101: Know Your Camera Part One

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

In this post I would like to show you around the Canon 450D and explain in brief (if possible) what each button does. Why I have chosen this camera is simple. First I have it so I know the camera like the manual was written on the back of my hand. Secondly the configuration of the 450D is quite similar to other brands so they might look different yet they share a common ground.

So lets get started.


Laddies Guide to Never Missing A Shot

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
Missed it!
Makes you cringe just to look at it doesn’t it! photographers worst nightmare is to just be a second off capturing a perfect shot. Wildlife photographers especially know this feeling with how unpredictable the animal kingdom can be.

I want to share a few tips for you to use when your out for a shoot.

  • Keep your camera on at all times from the start to finish of your shoot. Most cameras have a auto turn off setting which I normally avoid by zooming in and back out ever now and again to make the camera think its still in use.
  • Take two extra sets of batteries. Assuming your in a day shoot (no flash) and your out for an hour you will likely not need the spare set but you can’t be too careful. Generally though its good practice.
  • Clear memory cards. Again generally a good idea.
  • Set to Aperture priority mode so that you don’t need to fuss too much with the settings but still have a level of control (this is personal preference, you might like Shutter priority mode or even still want Full Manual mode instead).
  • Keep the camera on a strap and around your neck or in hand. Nothing worse than seeing something zoom pass and your fumbling in your camera bag.
  • Decide on your lens and keep your second choice close to hand if you want to switch.
  • If you need a tripod then remember to keep the attaching plate on the camera at all times and the tripod out of the case (maybe extended but thats again personal preference).
  • If you have continuous mode on your camera then keep it set to that. This is there you can hold the shutter release button down and you just keep taking pictures until you release the button.

Now if your going to your local store for a bag of crisps and you happen to have your camera with you then don’t worry about these tips. This is for only when you are going out for a photo walk or an actual shoot somewhere.

Then I hope that with these tips you don’t cut the head off a swan like I did.

Happy shooting ;-)