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Flash: Blow out

Monday, October 13th, 2008

I wanted to try something new one night with the S5700 and use the inbuilt flash to take a interesting picture I had found.

My walk home from the train station takes me past a supermarket that was built there not too long ago. They kept a wall from the old building in order to protect the local residents from the cars and the people making noises with their karts. Well they left the doorway in the wall and it was just ripe for the picking.

Doorway to another place
As you can see I used flash to bring the doorway into view and thats where the problem lies. The flash had made the doorway too bright.

I have a major issue with controlling light for pictures… Its one thing to accept what you are given in terms of daylight but a whole new ball game to control your own light using flash.

As I hunt for a solution I will share with you my findings and what I have learned.