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Some rules just change.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

As a long term digital camera user I found a consistent rule that went with bundled software.


The issues that you can potentially get from installing are:

  • It can change all your images to load into a default program and not photoshop like you had it set before.
  • It can on starting up look for all the images in your personal folders and regardless of them being photos you have taken and ignoring your folder structure (if any) and places them some where else in a different folder structure.
  • When you connect your camera or a mates camera it will start automatically and go nuts downloading all your pictures even though you only wanted to look.
  • Takes way too long to load.
  • Takes way too long to download.
  • No upload features (upload to flickr).
  • No support for other operating systems like Linux or MacOS.
  • Key photo manipulating features can be missing.
  • Can be buggy as hell.
  • Your camera will only work in this software even if before you could browse your memory card via windows.

That’s only the things I can think of. I am sure there is more!

So maybe leave your software in the box because you would be better off?

Now for the exception to the rule!

I was talking to my mate ‘S’ from high school about his new Canon 450d and one thing lead to another and I found out that he did not even take the disc out the box. Now addmittedly he runs Linux so he does not need to bother looking if the software is supported.

But it planted the this seed.

What if there is other users that don’t install the default software because of the bad experiences like the ones listed above?

If you have a Canon DSLR then you should install the EOS Utility and here is why.

You can tether your camera to your computer or laptop and have the possibility to control the camera and even use live view! After that you can also set up time lapse or a interval in bulb exposure mode. Not impressed yet?  can take it a step a further by setting up a folder where your EOS Utility could store your photos. Then have lightroom (or potentially any other good photo suite) monitor that folder in your hard drive and automatically have lightroom import anything new from it.

So you get a remote control, mass storage and the editor of your choice! Seamless integration!

There are other alternatives! DSLR Remote to name one but it is not for free. I feel that it is more featured and no frills but it costs too much to warrant buying it unless you are a super pro photographer (then why are you reading my blog ;-) ).

Regardless of the camera you have. Give the manual a look over and also read the reviews. Try to find out if the software is useful and bug free.

Don’t rely on past experiences any more.

Photography 101: Know Your Camera Part One

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

In this post I would like to show you around the Canon 450D and explain in brief (if possible) what each button does. Why I have chosen this camera is simple. First I have it so I know the camera like the manual was written on the back of my hand. Secondly the configuration of the 450D is quite similar to other brands so they might look different yet they share a common ground.

So lets get started.


Light weight vs. heavy weight

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Hey there I am the Laddie all the way in Berlin. Just like Rob I too have a Fuji s5700 but recently I had a opportunity to use a Canon 450D with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens.

I wanted to make a little comparison between the cameras more to show my wife that I must have the canon but also to see for myself how well the Canon does.

S5700 -


Canon 450D -


S5700 -


Canon 450D -


S5700 -


Canon 450D -


Of course its not a fair test as the Canon pictures where taken at a better looking day and also I had the sigma lens… I could not possibly hope to get the same results with the S5700.