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Review – Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1

Monday, February 16th, 2009

I picked up the RC1 Canon Wireless remote the other day and I am quite happy with it.

I wanted to explain first that “wireless” is a term thrown around so often that you can class dinning table as a wireless tray device!

This remote uses Infrared to send a signal to your little infrared receiver on your camera (normally the little plastic dot on the grip). Now this means you need to be in front of the camera or at least if your lucky you can bounce the IR of your subject.

The remote has a IR LED at one end and a red button at the other. The red button is used to release the remote from its holder. The holder can be threaded through your camera strap which is not hard to do.

On the top of the remote you have the Canon logo. But its the underside where all the action is. You have the battery housing (Battery is included with the remote), shutter release button and the 2 mode switch.

The switch can be set to off, instant shutter release and 2 seconds delay.

If you are using the bulb mode in your canon you can press the shutter release and then wait, move around or press the shutter release again to stop the image from being taken.

Its really a simple device.

The con is that you need to set the Canon 450D/XSi to a remote mode to allow the remote to take control. If you leave the mode on and try to take a picture using the cameras shutter release button it will run a 2 seconds delay.


Light, simple and low battery consumption.

Both instant and 2 second delay modes available.

Can attach to your gear.


You have to switch the Canon to remote mode and back again when finished.

Does not support continuous shooting.

Line of sight is required.

For 25 euros I can’t help but feel that it is a little expensive for what it can do. But when you compare to other brands they are all the same price. I still recommend this device as it is Canon and it has a good build quality.

Digital Fujifilm S5700 vs Film Minolta SRT101

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Following on from The Laddies excellent comparison between his Fujifilm S5700 and the Canon 450d, I thought readers may be interested in a comparison between my S5700 and an old Minolta SRT101 Film SLR.

I took the photographs during part of the same photowalk, albeit at slightly different times and with slightly different compositions.

All the film shots were taken with my 50mm F1.4 MC Rokkor lens on the front of my SRT101.

This first one was taken with the Minolta Film SLR:


Here’s the Digital version taken with my S5700:


This is another Film Version from my Minolta:


Then a similar Digital Photograph from my S5700:










You may wonder why I bought a 1970’s Film SLR. The reason was price – it cost £10 from our local car boot sale, so I wasn’t going to pass up that bargain, and its the only way I’m going to get the chance to play with SLR lenses for a while.

I may have only put one roll of film through my SRT101 (I’ve got new film in the SRT101 and a X300s, but haven’t finished them yet!), but those 24 exposures were a great learning experience in themselves.

The Minolta SRT 101 is a fully manual camera. You have to choose the aperture, shutter speed (the ISO depends on the film you use), and focus it manually too. This means you spend more time on each exposure, the whole process slows you down, giving you the time to think about composition and light. The fact that you’ve only got 24 exposures makes you really scan the viewfinder, reviewing your choice of scene, forcing you to think about your photography so much more.

This is a complete opposite to what most people say about digital – where you can click away, taking hundreds of shots and simply picking out “the keepers” and throwing away the rest. You just can’t afford to do that with film.

Which do I prefer? My Fujifilm S5700 digital camera. I love digital, I love the immediacy, the possibilities of post-processing and the ease of sharing.

The Film SLR is a learning tool, something that I’m so glad to have tried (and to still use), and the £10 I spent on the Minolta, and the £7 I spent on processing, are probably the best money I’ve spent to improve my photography. And nothing beats looking at your images as nice glossy prints.

Cheers, Rob.

Light weight vs. heavy weight

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Hey there I am the Laddie all the way in Berlin. Just like Rob I too have a Fuji s5700 but recently I had a opportunity to use a Canon 450D with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens.

I wanted to make a little comparison between the cameras more to show my wife that I must have the canon but also to see for myself how well the Canon does.

S5700 -


Canon 450D -


S5700 -


Canon 450D -


S5700 -


Canon 450D -


Of course its not a fair test as the Canon pictures where taken at a better looking day and also I had the sigma lens… I could not possibly hope to get the same results with the S5700.