Grey Day In The Grey City

I went out for a Photowalk around Portsmouth, UK, on Saturday. It was overcast and raining – a perfect backdrop for the ’70s style concrete buildings, Battleship Grey Warships, and the economic mood at the moment.


Grabbed this one between rain showers – an old Multi-Storey Car Park, well past its prime. Did concrete ever look good?


The light was bad – I had to use High Iso’s to maintain a decent shutter speed when shooting hand-held, so lots of these shots were grainy and a bit soft.


This was taken near one of the University buildings, on my way back to the ferry. I didn’t realise it, but as I was lining up the composition in my viewfinder a queue of pedestrians had stopped while I took the picture – I jumped a mile when I looked away from my camera and saw them all patiently waiting!


The main reason for Portsmouth’s existence – The Royal Navy Dockyard. This is Ark Royal and Illustrious, two small carriers designed to carry Harrier Jump Jets, as seen by the Ski-Jumps on the bows of both vessels.

You can catch up with the rest of the set on my blog
, and I’m planning to return to Portsmouth soon, maybe on a day with some well-defined clouds in the sky for dramatic effect…

Cheers, Rob.

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