The Return of HDR (To My Work-Flow At Least…)

I have to admit I’ve been avoiding HDR recently due to two reasons. Firstly my main computer died a few months ago, and my back-up PC is very slow, so it’s a pain to process and work on the images. Secondly I was getting tired of the “HDR Look”, you know, over-processed false looking images.

I’m not saying that my HDR’s look natural, but I’ve tried to reign in my enthusiasm and use a bit of subtlety – mainly by converting strong HDR’s to black and white!

Portsmouth Harbour

Yesterday I also had the opportunity to shoot inside a church, The Holy Trinity in Gosport, but I didn’t have much time, so shot hand-held and relied on my S5700’s auto-bracketing:


I use Photomatix to process the three images – one just right, and an under and over-exposed shot, usually by + / – 1ev. I’d have liked to shoot a wider range of bracketed exposures to get deeper images, but I was too pushed for time.

After fiddling with the settings in Photomatix Detail Enhance I save the Tone Mapped image as an 8 bit TIFF, then use my usual processing techniques in Elements. It’s laborious on my old PC, but I think I’ll start doing it more often….

Cheers, Rob.

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