Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

As photographers we all have at least one thing in common. We tend to take photographs of what we would normally be looking at as we’re walking around, standing up and usually parallel to the ground.

My World

It can be fun to break out of this habit and look at things from a different angle, and this can often produce some unusual images. I’m talking about kneeling down, lying on the floor, pointing the camera up, down, at angles, etc, anything that we would normally not see on a photowalk.

Dress Code?

Of course to capture these types of photographs, you’ve constantly got to be scanning your environment – that’s where the “Look Up, Look Down… etc” bit comes in. As you’re walking along, try and constantly be searching for unusual angles, shapes and subjects.

Job Nearly Done...

When you find something that catches your eye, obviously use different focal lengths, change your physical distance from your subject. Maybe try shooting at from below, pointing up, or the opposite. Look for interesting vantage points that will give you an unusual perspective.

Up And Out

Don’t worry about getting to close – make your subject abstract.

Fresh Batch!

Turn the camera on it’s side to really confuse your viewers.


When you’ve finished, and are walking to the next location, look over your shoulder and see if you’ve missed an angle, or come back later (maybe when the light’s different) to get a fresh view.

Any subject can be shot an infinite number of ways, so just remember -

“Look up, look down, look all around!”

Cheers, Rob.

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