Light & Dark

In an effort to understand flash photography more I wanted to return to the basics with lighting and how it works in different situations.

So today I went out for my lunch brake and took some shots focusing on side light.

I set the camera to ISO 100 Shutter to about 120 and my Aperture to 3.5.

It was very badly overcast and getting solid contrasting shots of light and dark was going to be tricky.

What happens when it is overcast is the clouds diffuse the light and send it all over the place almost deleting the shadows of everything. Try it go out side in a overcast day and you will see that you have almost no shadow (or non at all). When there are little or no clouds the sun is like a spot light focusing light into one point or rather direction.

Then I came across a door at the Dom. It is 2 to 3 meters high and has made of some sort of metal. It is sculpted into several images of birds and angels. In the center there are 2 men facing each other and there expressions really speak for them selfs.

Black and White

Using the door itself as a shield to the light I was able to get the light and dark effect I wanted.

If I where to recreate this with flash it would be known as a side light. This is where the flash would be placed to one side of the subject and thus creating a stark contrast of light and dark.

I have only really seen this used in Portrait photos but I think that if it works for other things then go ahead and try it.

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